Sunday, July 15, 2007

half full or half empty

Let us not focus on the half empty...
Not the fact that we spent the last week cleaning and de-cluttering for an open house that prized just two looky-loos
Not the fact that I feel bloated and irritable and just worn out
Not the fact that my sweet little Noni has reached a new high in terms of dramatic fit-throwing
Not the fact that my ever verbal Aidan has turned his power to sarcasm
Not the fact that our perfect fit piece of land has a 30 foot easement that decimates our secluded terrace leading down into a niche that would nestle a pool just so

Instead I will focus
on the fact that we will have fewer boxes to pack when we DO move
on the fact that my house is very, very clean
on the fact that I had a delicious meal served to me with love and friendship, my body is healthy and I have so many things to do that I am not bored
on the fact that Noni is increasingly loving and appreciative of people and is growing into her own person and her own way of thinking, "2 plus 2 is MORE!!!" said with such enthusiasm.
on the fact that Aidan continues to grow his vocabulary and his mastery of how words work, after discussing weddings briefly, "vows are A,E,I,O,U" and "you will need to retain your legend" said to his dragon.
on the fact that we still have a beautiful opportunity in a quiet little neighborhood and that pool will still feel cool and refreshing a few feet to the right!

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