Thursday, August 2, 2007

Calm Before the Storm

I am savoring the calm waters expecting at any moment for the storm to hit. Aidan had his birthday party on Monday at the C E C (that is chuck e cheese to those parents who do not use codes to communicate while their children are listening).
4 Pizzas + 24 cupcakes + 290 tokens + 10 adults + 4 kids + 1 birthday boy= lFeUgNos!
I played skee ball and flaming finger. Enough said. I was having a great time. I was a little nervous that maybe we should have invited lego representatives more of Aidan's friends but he wanted a small legos party and had a great time.

Since the momentous 6th legos birthday bash we have spent hours playing legos. Neither Aidan or Nadia want to leave the legos house. At first I thought they were lego crazy (or worse, lazy). We are an on-the-go family. We always have a project or an event or park or picnic or family obligation or movie or groceries to buy, or negotiations of house to buy or sell; really the list goes on in that blurry I-don't-know-where-the-day-went fashion. The only temptation to get them out of the house this week was a trip to the toy store to spend their hard earned allowance and birthday money. Nadia chose the cutest baby to add to her collection and Aidan chose not one but two LEGOS to build! But just when I thought my world was going to be consumed by legos, I have realized can appreciate quiet days at home playing legos (yes I actually built a respectable 60's style diner, an yes I still refuse to follow any directions), babies, making muffins, listening to stories, dancing, and just plain hanging out.

Part of the realization is knowing that these comfortable days of just bumming around the house enjoying each others company are going to end soon. Life will creep in, obligations will knock at the door. I think just one more day of our vacation from the real world won't hurt. So off I go to appreciate a row of little babies, excuse me kids, that Nadia has set up in her room and another lego creation completed by Aidan!

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