Friday, January 3, 2014

good morning sunshine

We haven't had sunshine in a bit.  Or maybe we have and I haven't noticed.  Not that I have been hiding.  We have spent this last lovely week here and there with friends and snuggled up at home in front of the fire.  I have just made a conscious effort to ignore everything outside of our little bubble. 
I struggle to find the right word for it. 
perfect? no.  Nothing is ever perfect, but this has been close.
relaxing? not really. But not stressful by any means and that is something.
satisfying maybe?  ya.  Maybe that is it.  nourishing too.  And eventful without any real events.

It has been this little bubble of satisfaction.

I'm not big on resolutions, mostly because I am indecisive and have commitment issues when it comes to setting goals.  I do hope that I put the bubble back up when I feel like we need a little time out from the world.  I hope 2014 is eventful but not over planned.  And nourishing for our bodies, our minds and our hearts.  and brings loads of sunshine, that kind of sunshine that comes from the satisfaction of focusing on the people in our bubble. 

So yeah.  2014, gimme some of that.  Pretty please?  

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PRP said...

Although our break has been lovely, I wouldn't describe it as relaxing....thanks for the reminder of creating a bubble for my family and slowing down.