Sunday, January 19, 2014

enjoying the littleness

I like this kid of mine.  She is pretty fantastic all the way around. 
She is a little ball of awesome, really. 
Emphasis on the awesome and emphasis on the little. 

I realized just how little while I was trolling the instagram.  You know that thing you do when you have time to kill and no brain power to apply it usefully?  "oh, that's a cute picture.  Oh, that's a funny comment that person said about that cute picture, let's see what they are posting.  Oooooo more funnies.  I like funnies.  Funnies make me smile.  Hmm.  I know that kid.  Oooo and their friend that commented there. and click, click, click, click" lost in the instagram world and quickly realizing that ten year olds are not like ten year olds I remember. 

Except I do remember.  Some of those ten year olds of my ancient past were just like these ten year olds.  Primping and polished and batting their eyelashes and wearing the clothes of 15 year olds.  They didn't have the duckface but they had the alluring eyes down pat.  And of course, I looked at the ten year olds of yesteryear with a bit of curiosity and probably a little envy that I wasn't cool like that.  And worry too.  Worry that maybe I wouldn't ever catch up.

But my Nani is still little.  She is little and perfectly Nani, with her tea parties and her babies and her not caring about her hair or who is watching while she dances and sings and is her silly self. 
I wonder if she takes her time being ten then eleven will be easier?  Like, if she learns all of the ten year old stuff then she will be stronger for it.  I know she has to grow up, and I honestly I can't wait to watch it all happen, but I am so very happy she is staying little for as long as she can.  

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