Tuesday, December 31, 2013

christmas & slothmas

Celebrating Christmas just one time a year doesn't cut it for us.  We do it up right with celebration after celebration.  Some loud, some peaceful, some in pj's but all with great food and lovely people.  Some celebrations are by phone but there is love there none the less.

All of the hustle makes us crave Slothmas with such a fierceness that we started it right after we got home from Christmas dinner.   Don't get me wrong, we love our people but sometimes we need to slow down, be one with the sloth, and just enjoy us.   So, we threw our pj's on, stuffed the leftovers into the fridge and got down to business with some jenga tetras. 

 and some hanging out on the kitchen counter time.
 and some ticket to ride.
 and then for a little change of venue, some snowboarding at Whitepass.  We had to practically beg for a list from our kids this year.  They were good with the "what I need" type stuff but the "what I want" type stuff was too tough.  Eventually they both decided that what they wanted most was just time together.  I know, I know...my kids are good eggs. 


 What they didn't realize, is that we were really getting the gift for ourselves.  This is exactly what I wanted most for Christmas and everything Slothmas was invented for. 

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