Tuesday, January 28, 2014

how we do things

I don't really know how we do things.  Things just kinda roll from one day to the next, picking up speed as time tends to do during life.  Sure we plan.  We are planners!  We plan and plan and plan and then real life happens and it all turns out just fine in any way.  But we do things.

Aidan goes on campouts for scouts.  They are amazing.  He gets to see and do things and face challenges that we can't provide in our little home.  But it leaves us a little wobbly when one of our four is not here.  So even when we plan for things and there are activities that fill the day we always end up feeling kind of lost.  

 So we wander. 
And we talk about important life events. 
And sometimes we grumble because it is cold and it is hard.
And sometimes we huff and we puff and that wobbly feeling and that lost feeling get all kerfuffled and lead us to some hard conversations. 

But then we get there. 
This time there was the top of Badger and a better understanding of how we do things together and as individuals.  But we do, we get there.  And we have come to this understanding that we can do this hard stuff and that we are in it together and then the phone rings.
Aidan is home.  We all smile and we rally and we run down that blasted hill to pick him up. 


PRP said...

I know just what you mean, word for word. Glad the four of you are together again!

Charlotte London said...

What a sweet post :) & the pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

Charlotte x
The London Project