Tuesday, January 21, 2014

walk this way

Badger Mountain
The time has come in our little life when our kids no longer think it is fun to go grocery shopping.  They prefer to spend that hour in togethery-togetherness here at home exchanging a quick set of calisthenics and folding a load of laundry for mindcraft.  So that means that Tony and I spend our hour of togethery-togetherness with a run through Costco and usually a quick stop at Winco.  Sometimes we stretch our hour with a hike up Badger first.  We talk and we plan and we dream and we negotiate about our little life.  We flirt and sometimes we reminisce about how THIS all came to be.  Often we count our lucky stars, except it is lucky tumbleweeds out there, because we have each other and we have our kids.  But sometimes we get in these deep conversations about the world and ethics and religion and politics and policy.  It gets all intense and impassioned and sweaty because we are hiking after all.  Then it hits me.  This is why I first fell for Tony!  It's not like I forgot, really.  And it's not like I don't know why I love him today.  I can easily rattle off the hundreds of reasons why, but it gets fuzzy when I try to remember why I first fell for him.  It was a bazillion years ago, after all, and we were friends for so long before.
When we walk this way it is easy to remember.  I get this strain in my chest when I think of it.  Like a fullness that is about to break loose and I realize that it is hope.  Hope that someday my children will find the person that gets all up in their head like this. 

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