Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ah january...

Hey, uh, January?  Can I have a moment?

Boring, little 'ol, looooooooonnnnngggggg January.
Normally I rally for you.  Since my beginning is in January and all, I feel like we should be buds.  Childhood friends maybe?  Normally we are.

But this time you are just tedious. And really confusing.  I'm sorry.  I know the truth can be painful, but you are dragging on and all "whoa is me" and "I can't make up my ever loving mind if I want to be winter, or spring or fall" with your wind gusts and gloomy skies and sunshine and near 60 degree temperatures.  You are supposed to be a month of wonderful new beginnings.  New routines.  New get-my-act-togethers, but you are just plain wonky.  I want to love you, I do.  I want to feel your hopeful, clean slate, organized, fresh faced attitude.  I want to be your champion like years past, but frankly, all I feel is a rush to push you out of the way.   Maybe we could mellow out for the second half of the month?  What do you say?

I'm in if you are.


ps I've included some pictures of the kids.  They think your crazy ways this year are awesome. 

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