Sunday, November 27, 2011

what i'm most thankful for...

i am thankful for time.  better late than never, right?

i am most thankful for learning and loving.

learning that i can do things that i never thought possible.  like run.  i still dread it but am proud of myself for ever step.  i am learning to say no,  to not strive to do it all.  it is freeing.  i am learning to stop and breath when i am frustrated, when i am nervous, when i am overwhelmed.  i am thankful that nadia has made this an art form, this breathing through the hard stuff thing.  it is amazing what a little oxygen to the brain can do for a girl.  i am learning to look for the positives in even the most difficult moments and am thankful that aidan is learning that too.  i used to dread that the learning never stopped and now i am thankful that i get the chance to keep on learning to be better, to do better.  i am grateful for the opportunity to learn and i am thankful that my children love learning, book learning and life lesson learning alike. 

and the loving.  i am so very thankful that i have a family to love that is not perfect, but is perfect for me.  and that family includes so many beyond those in my home.  i am thankful for the loving kiss goodnight from my aidan and the full body wrap hug each morning from my nadia.  and the love i feel everytime aidan slips his hand into mine and everytime nadia tilts her head to the side and tells me i am the best.  i am thankful that i have a husband to love just the way he is and who loves me just the way i am. the kind of love that goes beyond words.  i am thankful for the love that my little spark gives me with just a little pat pat and a meow and the love on margo's big sloppy face and even for the love of the kitties that are knocking all of the ornaments off the decked tree. 

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PRP said...

you are one of the few who has it figured out. what's important and what's not. it's inspiring.

and i'm thankful for you.