Friday, November 11, 2011

lucky duck

11 11 11... what a wishful day.
11:11 came and went.
i was busy being with my family and i missed the wish of all wishing moments completely.  heaven knows that i won't make it to 11:11 pm. 

but who needs the luck of the calender and the clock when you are lucky enough to have a family like mine?

a beautiful fall day.

chocolate salted caramel cookies.

kids who can find fun with rocks and sticks. 

a helpful husband.

cuddly kittens and a loving dog.

a toasty fire.

and dressed in pj's by 3:30. 

pretty lucky indeed. 


Monique said...

That was my day today!! Very lucky indeed, minus the husband part for me lol. Thinking about you on this cold blustery, but wonderfully quiet day!

Mimi said...

I am glad you had a snuggly day Monique! I miss you!!