Wednesday, November 2, 2011

get outta town

the johnsons coaxed us into a much needed getaway. 

and by coaxed i mean they said, "hey, want to get out of town without kids?", to which we said "be here in 5"...we left a bowl of cheerios out, click on the tv for the kids and crossed our fingers that the kids didn't notice we were gone.  so maybe not exactly like that...
thanks to my mom and dad, aidan and nadia logged many hours on the computer, 4-wheeler, horse and ate a healthy dinner of ice cream. 

it. was. awesome.  the food was great.  the conversation was great.  cramming brad and tony in the back of a 2 door was great.  the waking up whenever we felt like it was great.  and having 36 hours of free of all things whiny...unbelievable!

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Bella Mente said...

That is so awesome; it is definitely amazing to be able to spend some alone time together- I am sure! So happy that you were able to, and it sounds like you had a grand ol' time! :)