Wednesday, November 9, 2011

she keeps her crazy hidden well

my husband shared, that while cleaning up during a party a friend noted that i keep my crazy hidden well. 

that made me smile.  then i saw this on pinterest

while i think i am a beacon of freakdom, others don't see it. 

but i ask, how can they not? 

exhibit a:

yes i recognize that it is a bit strange to let the kitty sit on the dash as you drive down 68.  it is more reasonable to have her snuggled.  others question why i took a cat on an errand run to begin with.

maybe some think it is excessive that i label my dishwasher caddy with the type of silverware that goes in each compartment and i have little labels on the silverware caddy in the drawer too...(really, you don't want to hear about the amount of labeling in my first aid cabinet...or my laundry baskets...or the fact that i make my own lesson plan book so i have all of the tabs i want). little do they know how it freaks my business when i find one in the wrong slot.  not like spatula-wielding-rampage-freak-out but huffing and puffing while i put the dishes away freak out. 

it is well known that i have a very large and very in charge bubble.  i like my bubble.  the only people who are allowed in my bubble without any weirdness at all are tony, aidan & nadia.  sorry maxwell's, it's not that i don't enjoy hugging you, it is just that it has grown a touch of a weirdness mold but not the bad get in your lungs mold, the good kind that makes blue cheese and penicillin. i make no pretenses about the awkwardness that is me being hugged by friends..

i have a thing about little noises too.  clicks, clacks, smacks, taps, clings, clangs, snuffling,  slopping,  shlooping, slurping, banging, thumping, shushing, whistling and the sound of teeth scrapping on a fork.  but i love the sound of canned goods lightly clinking together and tee-hee-heeing and the dog sighing and my children singing. 

i am not a fan of being tapped.  (how exactly do you say that without it sounding dirty?) what i mean to say is that i don't like when people tap me on my shoulders, or arms, or niggle me repeatedly with their toes.  this, sadly, includes my children.  aidan is a shoulder tapper.  nadia likes to flick her toes over and over and over again on my leg. 

i own these, shall we say, particulars.  and i love it even more that i get to see little bits of freak-face in my children. 

oh...and one more thing... if your toilet paper is rolling from down under i will turn it over...just so you know.


PRP said...

I heart you and all your crazy. My crazy is different crazy but completely nuts all the same. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Crazy is GOOD!! And btw, I'll flip the toilet paper too! :)
Love ya,

Mimi said...

Thanks ladies! I love the crazy in both of you :)