Thursday, November 17, 2011

insert snazzy title that really means this is an update without sounding so lame

the dishes were stacked high this week.  that is a sure indicator that we are having a busy life.  we have been spending time at the gym.  i feel weird saying that.  last week nadia did a practice 5k to raise money for a cool foundation, fancy feet.  a local cancer surviving teen is raising money to send flip flops and care packages to kids with cancer.  nadia is participating as part of girls on the run.  if you have a girl and access to this program, hook your kid up.  it has been great.  nadia will be running the real deal in december and i am her running buddy.  her coach assured me that i better be practicing too because she can hold her own.

aidan has been hanging in there sporting his cast like it's no big thing.  i didn't punch a mom in the teeth for straight up making fun of him for having a girly cast.  i didn't think that would enlighten her much.  i did let her know that i have a stand up kid who wears a pink cast in honor of breast cancer awareness.  points for me because i didn't add, unlike her offspring, mine won't grow up to be an ignorant, intolerant scab.  he got it off yesterday and when i asked him how it felt to have it off after six long weeks he said he felt like a primate again.

tony is a ball of perfection, like usual.  he took time off of work to make sure he could capture aidan in his veteran's day assembly.  he has been working extra to please the man because of an arbitrary deadline they set. he finished the tile in laundry room and it makes me smile every time i walk in there. he fixed the mixer that he may or may not have dropped a spoon in while he was making pumpkin rolls he even helped me entertain noah last weekend.  and he has been planning...more like plotting, but that is a story for another time. 

we attended conferences for our kids.  angel's sing and light shines upon their very existence.  seriously.  i found myself wondering why i don't see these particular versions of my children very often at home.  nadia handled her student-led conference like she was a ceo.  so focused.  so meticulous in her notes.  she is still her silly self but she knows how to turn on the business when it is needed.  aidan's teacher had aidan smiling from ear to ear the whole time.  he has great marks, minus this little paperwork snafu that is mostly genetic, but he is determined to turn that around. he read us a story that had me choked up.  not because of the dragon meets duo of children storyline, but because of the sentence structure and elaboration and even the penmanship!  he writes like a flipping grown up! 

margo's been margo'ing and

spark has a bit of a cold. 

the weather is turning wintry.

and me...i am just playing it cool.  you know, in case something exciting should happen...

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Bella Mente said...

In a way, I wish you would have punched a lady in the face.. WHO DOES THAT?! If anything, she should have been wishing her child would be at least half of the person yours will be and is. I really do not like people sometime. I absolutely love that picture of Margo- what a sweetheart. :)