Friday, October 21, 2011

time for her

nadia likes to have serious discussions with turtles.  they find her intriguing.

 snakes too.  they think she is fascinating.  

if she had her way, she would have tucked this little lovely in her pocket and brought him home.  he said she is the bearded dragon's equivalent to the cat's meow. 

she finds friends every where she goes.  she picked this one up on the school bus that took us safely to the chimposium field trip and back.  actually, she found a bus load of friends.  as it turns out, 15 year olds think spunky 8 year olds are swag entertainment.  yeah, i said swag.  i picked up hip words like she picks up amigos. 
i felt a smidgen of guilt letting her skip her spelling test and eat a lunch devoid of any nutritional color...
just a smidgen though.
she can eat right tomorrow.  she will still get into the college of choice with or without proving she could spell circle and llamando and we will both remember our girl day & sleepover forever. 


PRP said...

I love everything about this, except the snake. You are a tremendous mother.

Anonymous said...

A VERY lucky girl!!