Thursday, October 13, 2011

all is well

someone said earlier this week, "man, you guys are falling apart at the seams!". i dwelled on that for a bit.  i thought it odd.  and then thought us odd.  or maybe just lucky.  we aren't falling apart.  it is the exact opposite.  we have had a number of crazy trials this week but we are holding it together. 

is it redundant to say that together we are holding it together?  because that is how i want to say it.  that is how i feel it.  together, tony and i.  together, the maxwell family.  together, the siblings.  together, my friends and friends(*tracy*) and friends

all is well. 

my mom is healing and we are all thankful that the surgery on her arteries told us that the medication is working.  we are even more thankful for her positive and proactive outlook during this. 

aidan is loving all of the signatures on his bright green cast.  we are all thankful that the brake in his wrist is minor and his prognosis is great.

and we are all thankful for your kind thoughts, your prayers, your check ins, and your loving care of our children.

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