Monday, October 10, 2011

the best part about fall?

i am wearing boots for the first time this fall.  it is a little glum out and i am very tired from keeping aidan company while he couldn't sleep last night. 

this makes me feel all snugly and fall-ish.  i am strangely relieved.  i have wanted the warmth of summer to linger on forever this time.  i feel an impending change.  i am not sure what it is but i have not wanted to face it.  i like things the way they are.  but today i am doing what i tell my bairns to do...i am looking for the positives.

so what if today the best positive i could come up with is that i must buy 42 packages of reses pieces deliciousness-in-my-mouth-i-could-eat-you-till-i-barf-and-come-back-for-more because they match the fall decor?

i am drooling.

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Anonymous said...

I love your posts almost as much as I love you! They both make me smile!!