Sunday, October 9, 2011

without you... part two

dear sweet, hardworking, tony...

thank you again for helping my parents. we tried to be productive without you.
we made it out of the walmarts in just under an hour.  we got those fishnet stockings i was telling you about.  they look great on. . .
the pumpkin you silly.  we bought you some turkey and shaving cream.  

the kids cleaned their room.  like really cleaned this time.  nadia decided she wanted to help me with the rest of the house.  your long talk with them are starting to pay off.  the best part about working with her is that she knows exactly what to do.  look at how she tied the curtains up before she vacuumed and tilted the couches!!  we swept and mopped and i made tomato soup from scratch.  and sausage meatballs.  aidan talked to cousin lane for 52 minutes and 12 seconds while they played wizards 101 together.  sara and trevor are coming over for dinner.  i hope you are home in time.

aidan took the garbage out after i cleaned out the fridge.  he found two sick-nasty black widows on your garage door.  i squirted the bagesus out of them with raid to stun them then squashed them with the nozzle of the hose.  i felt like she-rah saving my children from the beasts like that.

but it wasn't all glory.  i broke a nail when i closed the garbage lid.  so then i cut them all off and painted them a nice little shade of gray.  so it was kinda like i went from she-rah to moody brite, rainbow brite's mod cousin.

 we did like a metric ton of laundry but stuck to our deal.  it is clean and folded and waiting for you to put it in its home. 

after all of their hard work they decided to play dodge the doggie land minds in the backyard. 

and margo chased her ball.

then aidan did a back flip off the swing and landed on his face.  that sucked. 

and now you are home and we are happy again. 

 love you.


PRP said...

I hate that Tony has been away so much but I love what he's doing for your parents.

I hate that your Sundays are lonely without him but I love these posts.

Trevor and Sara said...

I love this post. It warms my insides. Weird, but true. And stop being so domesticated. I am starting to get jealous.

Bella Mente said...

Aww :) You two are so stinkin' cute and I love it! :) I could literally imagine every piece of this! Especially Aidan and the swing... poor kid, but I cannot lie- I am laughing on the inside of the image it has created in my brain! BAHA.. I just had to laugh out loud! Hope you have a great week!