Tuesday, February 1, 2011

i did not make my husband tear apart our living room to match my cat...

once upon a time there was a strategically placed hole in a red wall in a pale yellow room with a big stuffy couch shaped like an l. 

then there was a big black dog with drooly jowls who ate a hole in the big stuffy couch.  even though the couch finally matched the red wall with the big weird waiting hole, the lady of the house was not impressed. 

she dreamed of liquid-white built-ins and a floor to ceiling liquid-white mantle that framed an actual fireplace instead of a hole.  that dream held two matchy match couches set to inspire conversation with a bright mod rug stretching between the two.  she dreamed of crisp black and white photos of her family and friends. oooooo and she dreamed of quaint, square, craftsman windows. 

while she knew the man of the house could and would make her dreams come true with his trusty table saw and paint sprayer, she struggled to find a color or two that would bring her soft & light happiness when she entered her room. 

but then there was a cat with the bushy tail of a squirrel and an overbite.  this cat was a thick dark gray and a snowy white. one day the lady held the bushy tailed and buck toothed cat up to the wall and her mind was made up.  

gray and white.  why had she not thought of it before.  gray and white with splashes of yellow, orange and red.  

happy and light. 

but, no, i did not make tony tear down perfectly good dry wall, knock two holes in a two year old wall to add windows, replace functioning bookcases with built ins, add to an already beautiful mantle, put up slightly furry wallpaper and buy new couches all to match my kitty cat...


::lindsay said...

That looks amazing! I LOVE it! Beautiful couches and love the colors!

PRP said...

I love it! It looks so fantastic. Once again, Tony is a rockstar. Can't wait to curl up on one of those couches for an evening in with some of our favorite people!