Friday, February 4, 2011

ahh come on!

let me tell you something about the youth of america...

they pretty much kicked my self-esteem-teeth all week.

first there was the kid who made me a puzzle out of index cards...
   but when i put it together it said 'mrs. bachart is ugly'.  it was brightly colored so that was nice.

then there was the super cute seven year old who asked me why i was wearing that when i opened the door for her after school.

     apparently wearing a wazzu sweatshirt and yoga pants to school to celebrate college day was not a good look for me and so not appreciated by my noni. it was probably not appreciated by the dude who took my picture for an award i won a while back either.

then there was the boy (a boy i do not know mind you) who asked me if i had any kids.
    when i said yes, he asked if they were in college.  exactly how old do i look these days?  wait, don't answer that...someone else already did.

and then there was the kid who said i should go down to enter in the best dressed for senior citizen day. i was so confused because i wasn't dressed up.
       but he seriously thought i was.

but because i am an optimist i have to focu on the good of the children of this world. 
(this is where i chant serenity now over and over and over again in case you were wondering.) 
after all it is not their fault that their frontal lobes are not entirely developed. 

     nadia did tell me that one of the luckiest things in her world is waking up to my face.  so that was obligatorily sweet.
     there is a boy who asked me if he could resume my life if i die (another story, another time).  umm ok, i guess that has to mean i am doing something right?  or maybe it means i should call the counselor?
     then there was the boy who drew a line through ugly and wrote 'really pretty' in tiny block letters on my puzzle and then taped it to the fridge of my classroom.  a titch awkward but after the pummeling i got this week i figured,


PRP said...

Holy crap I love this. And you.

Yeah, so too bad you're gorgeous or this is where Id fill this space with something convincing.

And too bad you have great style or I'd have to forward you on to stacey and clinton.

And too bad high schoolers are clueless.

But it makes for great reading!

Bella Mente said...

Holy crap... those kids must be smoking something raunchy! other than Nadia of course :) who seriously cracks me up.. and Jake still asks me if his chicken pox scars are that noticeable as holes in his face baha :) You are amazing and I still cannot believe all of this.. They are most likely jealous of the incredibly intelligent, beautiful, and superwoman of a person you are and only wish to be as successul as you!

Anaface said...

ok....they are ALL cycling of some sort....I really don't care who I offend by saying that. Your NOT ugly and I want this little punks name!!!! I want to have a word with him, you see sister oh mine....hold your heed not let those hormonal beasties call you an ugly sister bòidheach dubh piuthar. I love you!

Mimi said...

Thanks guys! My self esteem is all patched up now:) It was pretty dang funny that the comments kept coming one after another.

Ailinh Harris said...

Oh no's! Dang kids -- punk teenagers for reals! Then again... I wonder if I was like that back in the good ol days. Maybe yah, maybe nah. Oh well. Toss me one of those "ehhhh"s too. Kids these days..