Monday, January 31, 2011


not the curly-make-me-look-like-a-cabbage-patch-kid kind. 

the ink kind. 
on a manly arm. 
three manly arms to be exact.  "three!?!, what kind a freak show operation you running there girly?"
really four if you count the dearly departed. 
  the one that inspired it all.
  the manly man they were memorializing.

aren't they tute those three manly men with their retro bird tats? pop had the same one.  his said mother, theirs says pop. "did uncle steve really try to get the artist to add an extra 'o' in the middle of tony's?" 
   yes, yes he did.

speaking of permanent.  .  .
this family.
  there have been some ups and downs on tony's side of the fam.
  but these guys have always been there for him. 
  they are more than family, they are friends. 
get it?  friends? steve friend?  amy friend?  jake friend? i crack myself up.


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