Sunday, January 9, 2011

like i am domestic and stuff

i can't bake. 
i try. i make cupcakes--- from a box. i stuff the pre-made frosting into a ziploc bag and do a little faux-piping swirly action on the top and pat myself on the back.
i make no-bakes.
i make apple crisp or peach crisp.
i have messed up a texas almond sheet cake more times than i have done it right.

i know the reason. i won't follow directions and baking is all fussy about precision.  i bow to those who can and who do.  i don't have that kind of discipline.  when the wooden spoon is in my hand i must improvise, i must create, i must mix it up...all kinds of puns intended. 

but today after a day filled with little cleaning jobs (like cleaning out the mail holder, homework boxes and jewelry box) i decided to make this little beauty.  and if it looks a little blue, it is suppose to. 
sort of.
since we have just inched into the new year and are all full of resolutions, i used blueberry applesauce instead of oil.
i couldn't help myself.
i had to do a little of my own thing.
luckily, it was scrumdilioumptous.

how to not have to rely on tony for the baked goods.  he can still do the vacuuming.


Bella Mente said...

Looove it!! It does look might delicious!!

Anonymous said...

You are not very good at sharing. I hope everyone finds out that you refuse to share with your brother!!!! 8)