Saturday, January 8, 2011

always on my side

we have this yellow polka dotted memo board that is perfect for writing my lovies love notes (idea from her) because it is located in the most popular thinking room of our house (yes i am talking about the washroom and of course i really mean the master washroom because all four of us have decide that is the best think-tank around).

i recently tagged this board with a simple "WOW, i wouldn't trade the 3 of you for all the riches in all the world" and a quick little doodle of my three favorite people on the planet. a stick figure doodle mind you, but one that there is no mistaking a handsome tall, bald man with rectangular specs, a boy with hair a mind of its own and a petite girl with her signature a-line bob. 

last night as i replaced the tp to assist the inevitable morning think session, i saw that someone had drawn another stick figure. this one had a longish bob and a huge smile, a heart just to the side and labeled with an 'm'.  i would know those m's anywhere. 
 she can't stand to see me left out...even in a silly doodle.  her sweetness can't leave anyone out really. just this morning she climbed onto the counter to set the breakfast table for four. we were having chocolate chip pancakes in the shape of the ti-fighter, x-wing fighter and millennium falcon in case you were wondering.  no one asked her to, but because hers was hot off the griddle she was making sure everyone had their plate ready.  as i lifted her off i made to stoop low to set her on her feet, but found that i really didn't have to bend at all.  all this sugary sweetness she carries around to dole out equally among her own lovies is making her grow tall too. i don't know if i like that growing up bit. it means our time like this- the four of us with relatively few obligations, this time for pancakes all together, this time for me to help her when she can't reach the cupboards on her own- is limited.  but i do love this little smoochie-face. and i love to see the person she is growing to be. and i love that i always have her on my side.   

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