Sunday, July 26, 2009

To Do List

Go to the water park in Moses Lake with the cool kids - check

Loose your second tooth at the water park - check

Revel in the joys of a chili dog- check
Be thankful for the big boys who were kind enough to let Aidan pal around with them- check

Have serious water fun with your favorite friends- check
Enjoy lazy chats in the not so lazy river- check
Enjoy more chatting with good friends and new friends in the grass- check

Boogie with the best of them- check

Make your mom proud (and nervous) by being so brave- check

Conclude Moses Lake's water park, being bigger and better, is good for the day trip but Hermiston will do for an afternoon soak-n-splash- check

Hide in the garage, in my car, to finish Wicked- check

Enjoy Art in the Park with your BF's- check
Play the part of A Boy and his Dog, even if it is a borrowed dog- check
Do a robot dance while you wait for your turn in the endless line at the zip line- check
Be thankful for the kindness of strangers who let your kid back in line after forgetting to hand off her puppet- check

Strike a pose like the celebrity you are- check (seriously, you can't take Powder anywhere without people mobbing him)
Give an overlooked Moo the new breed of Eur-Asian Ridgetick back to make him appear exotic- check

Hang at the Red Park with your shirt off because you're "boiling"- check

Giggle like a girly-girl because you are- check
Cut the chick out of the picture behind us because you can totally see up her shorts- check
Gorge on THE BEST TACOS ever- check
Grocery shop-
Shop for Aidan's birthday-
Get carpets cleaned-
Fix truck-
Install playground bark-
Finish new book-
Plant tree-
Practice revived gross out word-
Clean the fridge-
Finish THE BEST TACOS ever-
Sweep the back patio-
De-cobweb the flower beds-
Wrap up this silly To Do list- check


Anonymous said...

I don't like the last part of the to do list. The part where we haven't finished anything that needs to be done. ~Tony

Bella Mente said...

oh tony.. it will get done eventually.. just enjoy the stuff that did get done :) lol! I love that you post stuff.. I feel like I just chatted with you.. even though I havent.. haha