Thursday, July 16, 2009

I found it!

My laugh!
It has been lost for a while now.
It was buried under piles of stress, buckets of appointments and loads of responsibility. All of that is still here, I just pushed it aside to find my laugh again and now I keep it with me. Oh sure I could still laugh at really funny movies or a really funny story or laugh inappropriately and uncontrollably in a crowded conference while in a sleep deprived state but mostly I would just smile because laughing wasn't easy anymore. I wouldn't laugh at the little things. Like the little guy leading into this post, he elicited just a smile, but when I scooped his cousin off of Tony's shirt at Charbonneau Park and then uncurled my hand to examine him I laughed... out loud... with ease! He quickly leaped into Nadia's hair. She stood hands-on-hip with a 'COME ON PEOPLE' look on her face and I laughed again. Aidan laughed and I laughed more. Now that my laugh is found I am laughing all over again at the memory of laughing.
How boring life must have been when I saved my laugh only for the big things.

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