Thursday, May 28, 2009

With you...

life is

Thank you Andria for tee-hee'ing with me tonight during our chat! I needed that and I needed some sister time.

Thank you Nadia for being patient and so well behaved at the MESA ceremony. You make me proud.

to be appreciated!
Thank you Tony for turning on "Make Me a Supermodel" without me asking you to, even though it makes you cringe. Love you.

Thank you student who shared your story with me yesterday. I haven't stopped thinking about all you have overcome and I think you are amazing. I admire your strength, your positive attitude and your coping skills. I have high hopes for you.

Thank you Aidan for making better choices and being so polite yesterday. You are showing me that you are learning to ask yourself how your choices affect other people. I love your perseverance.

Thank you Sara for responding to my email this morning. Seems simple but I really needed a distraction so I wouldn't go insane from spring fever. You are always there.

thought provoking!
Thank you blog world (people like her and her) and the farming game on facebook. If it were not for you I think I would have lost my ever-loving mind these past few weeks as I try to wrap up the end of the school year and move on. You help keep things interesting!

Thank you Dad for saying I love you on the phone.

Thank you calender for promising me family time. I won't let you down!


PRP said...

What a great post! See you tomorrow!

Anaface said...

Thanks! But seriously, what's with the grannie shoes? I love your style but white shoes?