Saturday, May 9, 2009

Why me?

I sit here, face a-wash with the Eastern rising sun, catching up on blogs and facebook when I hear the clank-clank pause for a moment. In walks the most wonderful man on the planet. He has paused emptying the dishwasher to bring me a cup of coffee. Yesterday Aidan told me that he loved me more than any boy could love his mom. Being Aidan, he said this matter of factual like he was reading from an encyclopedia. Nadia read me her Mother's day card and looked at me intently to say I love you mom. I have always felt lucky but it is good for the soul to reflect on why once in a while. Sure, there are plenty of bumps and tears along the way, but I can't help but feel very, very blessed. I have a loving family and friends and I thank them all for making me feel this way.


PRP said...

You are a wonderful woman surrounded by a wonderful family! You deserve every second of their adoration.

Happy Mother's Day!

Monique said...

You are incredible and all anyone needs to know this is to call you friend for 15 minutes. After 12 years of knowing you, I am still in tremendous awe over your strength, intelligence, wisdom, and love for your family and friends. I can't think of any other person I would rather call my best friend. Happy Mother's day my friend!