Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hi Mom!

Today a dear friend of mine had a scare with her mom's health and it made me remember how important it is to be thankful of every moment we have with our loved ones. My friend's mom is OK, but a scare, none the less, leaves you shaken. The look of worry on her face pained my heart. My concern was for her and for her mom whom I have grown to love dearly. Among the reasons that I love her mom is one of a deep understanding for the growing pains of a mom/daughter relationship.

My mom is so many wonderful things and so many frustrating things all wrapped up into a strong, out-spoken and beautiful woman. She can hear in my voice when I am sad or worn out. She is there for me when I need her tomorrow when Aidan will spend another day on the couch with an unrelenting fever. I want my children to be well. I feel like this year has been particularly hard on their health. Secretly (or not so secretly since I am blogging about it) I am happy that he gets some undivided Grammie time.

side note.... blogger is being a putz because it won't let me post a picture, but maybe that is for the best since the only one I have of my mom and myself is after a day of working in the yard.

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Trevor and Sara said...

I love you, Melanikis. Thank you for your beautiful words. This "life stuff" can suck sometimes, but with you as my BFF, I can do it.