Friday, May 1, 2009

The story of Noir

Meet Noir. Named by Aidan. She is a stray who we have befriended because of the despicable behavior of our neighbor, but I digress...Every few days Noir shows up on our back step for a bite to eat.
Today she was noticed by more than just the humans.

Alice: Wow, man you gotta check this out. Something is not right out there.

Alice: I'm SER-I-OUS. Get over here MAN!

Alice: This makes me very uncomfortable man. Quick, come see!

Alice: See, I told ya! Weird huh? What do you think they are doing?
Spark: Uhhhhhhhh I dunno, uhhhhhh whose there?

Alice: Look man, I think we should be worried. I don't like this one bit. This doesn't look good man.
Spark: Is that a cat?
Alice: Please don't do this... don't you see what I already have to put up with? Whoa, is this dejavu???

Noir: HeeHee Hee

Narrated by Tony.


Trevor and Sara said...

Okay, I love this blog! This just made my evening.

Monique said...

I needed to smile! This was perfect. Thank you for making me laugh! You guys are so funny!