Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tomorrow is a big day!

For those that know the stress I have been under this past year probably have heard me say that tomorrow is my National Board Assessment (but maybe they don't remember because I only told them 27 times and not the required 28 times in three weeks as research has shown to be the most effective amount of times necessary for long term memory). But that is not why tomorrow is a big day.

He is!

Tomorrow marks the 9th year of wedded bliss for the Tonester and I. Ahh Mawaige, sweet mawaige.
Tony and Mel.
The Bacharts.
Uncle Fester and Morticia Adams.
High school sweethearts.
Next door neighbors.
but I digress...
And marriage has been bliss. And by bliss I might mean that sometimes "he does not listen and she leaves a trail of shoes and clothing behind her" but it is bliss none the less.

Here are my top nine blissful reasons to love this man!
9. Tony does all of the vacuuming (don't fall off your chair, but I don't even know how to work our vacuum). Actually I come home to a clean house most Friday's. How lucky am I?
8. Tony respects my need for practicality and therefore buys me gifts with longevity. Thank you for the flat screen monitor honey!
7. Tony feeds the stray cats because he loves animals. Now just because he loves them does not mean he wouldn't prefer all of our cats outside, but he knows how much they mean to me so he tolerates them.
6. Tony is notoriously impatient, but has immense patience for me when I am under stress.
5. Tony is a visionary. You should see his plan for the backyard! It may take a while, but it will be everything we need.
4. Tony calls me every morning to make sure I am awake and doesn't mind that I call him back 45 minutes later after I have dropped the kids off at school to talk for the next 11 minutes on the way to work.
3. Tony is determined. I have many examples of this but the one that I don't think even he has recognized is that he is amazing at grilling. Seems simple, but he was really terrible at it in the beginning (sorry babe) but he never gave up. He even has a couple of signature dishes now.
2. Tony is the reason I have the exact family I wanted. He gave all of these wonderful qualities to Aidan and Nadia (and a few infuriating ones, but they too are the reasons I love him).
1. Tony is my best friend. Tony-I love you. I always have, I always will.


Trevor and Sara said...

Okay, I am sitting here at school crying. Why do you do this to me???? Just rememeber that the reason I knew Trevor was "the one" had much to do with watching you two because I knew that what you two had/have is exactly what I wanted for myself. Aaahhhhhh, "Maiwage! Maiwaige is what bwings us togeder today!"

j樏[V]l@H said...

Tony made me come here to see his pimp facial hair photo...Anywho....Congratulations are in order...so...Congratulations!!! Take a break and live inside of this moment. :-)

Anaface said...

It's only been 9 years? Its hard to remember a Mel without a Tony! You two really make marriage looks effortless, cheers to many more effortless years of happiness!

Monique said...

I actually remembered your anniversary this year! Congratulations. I can't imagine you any place else Mel. You and Tony are such a wonderful example of marriage. You are both inspiration to us all. I love the photos. I hope you enjoyed your week and I really hope the boards didn't cause too much damage. I miss you tons!

Lexie said...

my gosh... i feel sara on this one.. however mine is a couple days late.. im at work and shedding some tears- and on the one day i wear mascara!! ahhH!!