Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Aloha my good man

My wonderful husband and my fantastic brother went to Hawaii last Thursday morning to support our beloved Cougars. They returned this morning around 2:30 am. The intent was for James to celebrate his 40th birthday and Tony decided he would tag along, which I thought was a great idea. Sure I missed him, and our children missed him, and I think Aidan may be harboring a little resentment toward his Uncle Jimmy for taking what he thought should be his place, but Tony and James both deserved it!

Tony has made my schedule a priority this year so I can work toward some of my goals. He has changed plans, worked early, worked at home and sacrificed his own time to make sure Aidan and Nadia never have to stay late at childcare. He has taken on the Super Dad role without complaint. He cooks, cleans, maintains, fixes, budgets, listens, organizes, packs lunches, brushes teeth and hair, loves and makes us laugh. To top it off, on his vacation he searched out perfect and thoughtful 'pre-prizes' for each of us.
Reason # 5123 that I have the best husband on the planet!

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maxcoug7 said...

You know in the movie Jurassic Park where the helicopter comes in and lands next to that huge water fall???? You remember???? This was not it!