Saturday, December 6, 2008

Homework is a very big deal

Nadia is not enjoying kindergarten as much as I had hoped. We did have a mini-breakthrough during homework time this week. Nadia read all of her Spanish sight words! This is from a girl who is opposed to Spanish ("because it is hard, that's why!!!!"), swears she can not read, and in general uses denial as her primary defense mechanism to all things academic. Well, she did it! We are so proud of her. Hardwork (and a great deal of nagging) do pay off!

Actually, most of the credit has to go to this guy.
Aidan has been encouraging her each morning on the way to school. He told her Spanish was hard for him at first but she just needs to keep trying and she will learn it just like him. He practices with her too. I love to hear him tell her she is doing a good job, or even better, 'good try'! Aidan says he loves first grade. His teacher pretty cool and very understanding. Even her homework is fun! Not only does she send home books on tape, but the kids use computers and they do a ton of math. First grade is a nerd's heaven!

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