Saturday, November 22, 2008


Last week we had conferences. Here is the mini version. Our kids are smart, stubborn and cool. They come by smart and stubborn naturally, but cool? Who knew?

Afterward we celebrated at Fiesta (fitting). Nadia and Aidan were very chatty. Nadia said she does not want to eat animals anymore because her Papa is a farmer and that would make him sad if she ate them. She was eating a cheese enchilada. Tony asked her what cheese is made of. She whinned, with a worry-stricken face, "lion?". Ok, maybe she is a late bloomer in the smarts department like her mom!

By the by, this is my 100th post! Whoa!


maxcoug7 said...

Na'nnie, you can eat lion. Papa does not raise them! He does not raise anything but sheep so you are good!

Way to go guys!

Sara and Nick said...

Hey Mel I need your home address! Tis the season for Christmas cards and I just realized after your move I don't have your home address.