Friday, December 26, 2008

Ok, maybe it is 7 1/2

Happy Birthday Andria!

For some reason I had it stuck in my head that you turned =sum(big birthday vacation in Mexico with your sister -8), but I guess that is me. Happy double 16 plus 1!!!

Here are a few reasons why you deserve the BEST birthday ever. . .

*you are the thwart-er of evil- You never hesitate to make a bully think twice about repeating their mistakes when it comes to Lane or Kaid (or anyone really). You won't stand for it. I know there have been times where you have given the death glare to unsuspecting bullies as a warning. I remember just last summer when a girl decided to pick on Nadia by giving her a different name because she didn't like to call her Nadia and so you dubbed said-girl "Ralph". Quick, effective, end-to-the-bullying.

*you are classically beautiful- yes it helps that you are a knock-out, but it is your classic style that comes from within that makes you shine. I know, you think I am corny, but I don't know how else to say that the light you cast when you are around people is one of beauty.

*you are a teacher- I can't possibly list all of the lessons you have taught me but here are a few of the biggies: you taught me to read, ride a bike, kill with kindness, curl my hair, wear blush, end a fight with laughter, give love when I would rather scream.

*you are my childhood- There are few memories I have of my childhood where you are not there. My best memories are when you were. Even the socially awkward ones [like standing outside of someones house' "you knock, no I'll knock and you talk, no you go first, remember to ask permission before you use the bathroom, but only if you absolutely have to and remember not to eat or drink anything, don't even sit, even if they offer!" Even the memories of fighting over the good mirror in the bathroom and mostly letting me win. Skipping school in the 2nd/3rd grade, someone had to make sure those newborn kittens were ok, right? Even the memories of fighting over clothes and then sharing clothes (and makeup and hair stuff and cars). Even the memories of the moped and the one (I can't believe it was only one) accident we had. Not yelling at me too much when I would beat you to your Volkswagon everyday after school, turn on the radio and string my gum on the underside of your steering wheel so you would grab it when you got in. Memories of burrying the green pickup, eating ice cream at the fair for breakfast, bringing every single pet inside during the summer even though we were not suppose to, hair-brained schemes like building a pen for a miniature donkey, miniature dairy cows or revamping the kennel for the two basset hounds we were going to get.

I could go on and on and on and on. I look forward to all of the memories we still need to make. Hopefully this year will be a memorable one for you!

Happy Birthday! I love you Andria!

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