Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tony Turns 32!

Warning: if you do not want to read mushy-lovey feeling stuff then read no further. This post is for my husband.

Tomorrow Tony turns 32. I could write volumes about all of the wonderful, fantastic, loving, beautiful, intellegent charactoristics my husband possesses, but I will keep it to 32.

32 your evil-excited-too-much-sugar laugh that includes an equally energetic finger-wiggle-thing: it is impossible to describe

31 your willingness to please me: even when it is something you don’t like (um, yeah, I am sorry the cat moved in and I broke my promise, but you understand, right?)

30 blue thunder: and all of the defining conversations had within

29 your ability to clean a shower: it would not happen if it were not for you

28 along those lines, your understanding: for instance, you understand my inability to operate a vacuum without it burning up, squealing, getting tangled or all together giving up and the fact that you enjoy vacuuming to begin with

27 you take care of us: no matter how tired you are.

26 you are a man: I mean a grown-up-bonified-adult-kind-of-man, you know how to do things, like fix cars, repair damaged pipes, wire things, balance budgets, buy houses, weird grown up things that don't match the 20 year old Tony I have in my head

25 you are sexy-smart: you know how I love a nerd, no matter how many times I give you grief for it I love it

24 your determination: and I thank you for giving it to Aidan

23 your smile: thank you for giving that to Nadia, even with it is coupled with impish intent

22 your extended family: thank you for giving them to me and to our kids

21 history: and by history I mean history of society like how you use to ‘help’ me with history in high school and how you still find a way to make it interesting to me

20 our history: 5 years as neighbors, which led to 6 years of dating and now 8 years of marriage, I am lucky to have you for the better half of my life.

19 your streaks of ‘Saint Anthony’: when you do what is right because it is right even when it is not easy

18 your streaks of obstinacy: you can certainly be obstinate sometimes but it is part of the reason I love you

17 your great work ethic: I was warned that it may be your downfall but you have an amazing sense of balance between work and play

16 your baking ability: I appreciate that you are willing to bake anything from bread to cookies, no matter the hour or how tired you are

15 your compliance: even with my silly-controlling-slightly-irrational-albeit-sensible-in-my-crazy-mind silverware in the appropriate slot in the dishwasher obsession

14 your craftsmanship: no matter what it is, from cubbie to chair to unbelievably huge bookcase built in our tiny apartment, you are willing to build it exactly how I want it

13 of May: even though the wedding was not what I imagined, the marriage is more than I could have dreamed of

12 your singing: I melt when you sing, even if the song is about how my hair will fall out from too much hair-dye

11 your playfulness: I love when you act Goofey with the kids

10 your accents: I remember a time sitting on the couch when all of a sudden you said everything with an Irish accent, you crack me up

9 your attention to detail: even when I want to rush you won’t give up on something until it is perfect

8 your bald head: I know it is silly and you had great hair to0, but I love your bald head and the confidence it shows

7 your chest: it makes the best pillow when I can’t fall asleep

6 your help: I so appreciate all you have done to pick up the slack this past year as I have been working toward work goals

5 your support: More than just the help around the house, I appreciate that you are patient and supportive when asking me ‘what can I do to help’, even if it is just listening

4 your love for my family: they mean so much to me and you have loved them like your own

3 your love for Aidan and Nadia: it is not easy being a parent, but you continually help me be a better Mom and look for ways to be a better Dad. Never giving up or being satisfied is your best quality as a father. Aidan and Nadia will always appreciate that you put them first.

2 the way you look at me: I feel loved

1 being my best friend.

Happy Birthday My Love!


maxcoug7 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! From Tio Mono, Debina, Mini Mac, and Sooper Cooper!

Mimi said...

Thanks James, Debi, MacKenzie and Cooper. See you guys Saturday.