Sunday, December 21, 2008

SnOW SnOw snoW snow

An update on the weather, past and present:
Last week we had school delays Monday through Thursday (don't get me started on a regular on-time day the Friday before Winter Break!!!) There was a moderate amount of snow that fell Wednesday and temperatures in the single digits all week. Friday it began snowing again. It has fallen off and on since. We have about 6 inches now.

An update on Mel's Snow Beliefs:

I hold a firm belief that snow is meant to be visited...snow is not to visit me. Yes I think the snow is beautiful. I remarked that very thing as I sat here last night watching how it sparkled and swirled out my window. It does make it feel like Christmas and I do look forward to sledding at my parents. It is also cold and wet and leaves sock-magnet-puddles on my floor and is cold and wet and wet and cold for that matter. That being said, I piled layers on, Tony piled layers on, we piled layers on the kids and out we went.

Rosy cheeks and hot cocoa.

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