Thursday, February 21, 2013

what we needed...

these days filled with angst and disappointment have been looming on.  i know that feels like a tease but it's not my story to tell.  i hurt all the same.  we all do.  we know what we need.  we need time.  we need patience.  oh lord have mercy we need patience.  we need perspective. 
and we need to cherish the positives. 

dang it, we need humor. 

like when my head is hanging low and i'm feeling super sad and my son walks by sporting the skinny jeans that i've been missing for two weeks that he totally wore all day at school (completely unaware that he was wearing mom jeans). 

that kid. 


Trevor and Sara said...

I wish I fit in your skinny jeans.

Bella Mente said...

me too!! haha, how funny! Did you tell him they were mom jeans or just let it go? lol

Melanie said...

I told him Lexie. He was unphased. :)