Tuesday, March 5, 2013

it's good for them

that's what i tell myself.  over and over and over and over again. 

national museum of natural history

i went to dc from 11:05 am on wednesday to 12:27 am on monday.  that is 6562 minutes without the loves of my life.  i know because i counted.  of course i enjoy seeing something new.  i love learning new things.  i love knowing that the work i pour my heart into to make a difference for a mere 2300 kids is worth something.  but i hurt being away. 

lincoln memorial

but they were fine.  yes, they missed me.  at midnight, when i sneaked in to kiss aidan's sweet sleepy head he opened his eyes and hugged me like never before.  they wrote me letters each day telling me why they love me and that they appreciate me.  letters i will cherish for my whole life. 

but they were fine.  tony was fine.  better than fine.  he did dad-things that would have had a whole different flavor if i had been there. he made them tow the line, clean their rooms and eat roast beef.  he coped with a minor catastrophe with compassion and efficiency and a whole lotta olive oil.  (don't ask). he taught them to rollerblade.  my babies told me that he laughed and smiled and skated backwards and that is a memory they will cherish for their whole life.
national museum of natural history

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