Thursday, February 14, 2013

listen up valentine's day

dear valentine's day,

i am not a fan.  neither is tony, really. we think you are overly commercial and a tad tacky.  we think that your singing cards are uninspired and your giant stuffed gorrillas are a waste.  don't get us started on your overpriced and artificially scented cut flowers.  we just can't get excited about you. 

at least we used to feel that way.  but now i heart you because my valentine is the cutest, funniest, hot cheeto lovingest 11 year old boy around.  and tony has this spry little thing that knows exactly what she wants (roses and a giant box of chocolates thank you very much) as his valentine.  and their smiles and excitement over the silliest valentines stuff won us over.  so as long as you keep bringing them joy and promise never to break their hearts we can be friends.  ok?


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