Wednesday, November 28, 2012

**cough** **cough**

i'm here again.  on the couch, waiting out the coughing.  this time it is nadia.
we have all had our turn with this little bug. 
it's one that really likes to hang on tight and tickle your alveoli. 

aidan is quite put out because he didn't get to stay home when he was coughing. 
i tried to make it up to him with a salami omelet and a fancy schmancy lunch.  we will see if his mood improves by the time he gets home. 

and yes, mom. i have a pot of water boiling. and she had pudding. and, no, i don't think it is whooping cough, but the way she hacked last night makes me to nervous to skip a second opinion.

as the first opinion, this has been a difficult call.  it is just a cough.  a little runny nose.  a bit of a sore throat.  no fever.  no barfing.  but we are going on 3 weeks of this nonsense.  do i take her to the doctor?  do i keep her home and resting?  do i just beef up her immune system with a crap load of garlic and oranges?  i feel like i should know what to do here since i have over 11 years on the job training, but i just don't.  we even watched videos online listening to different cough types.

so here's our plan.  all of the above. plus watch a little white christmas and a little funny youtube videos.  who knows which will be the thing that works, but here's hoping we don't have too many more nights of head splitting coughing fits. 


PRP said...

Sounds like the perfect prescription for a get-better day.

Tracy said...

I hate it when our kids are sick, but i have to admit, I chuckled a little bit at the watching videos of different coughs. :) Hope she is coughing less soon. Rest is the best medicine, although the prescription codine cough syrup does help with the resting.

Melanie said...

thanks ladies. and may the sickies (at least this version) not cross your door.