Monday, November 26, 2012

sometimes the best moments aren't free

uggghhh. my head was swimming with dollar signs all weekend long.  every where i turned, here's a deal, here's a bargain, here's a way to blow a paycheck. 

since when did the matinee showing mean the 11:25 am showing and when did we become one of the suckers that have to pay full price?

and a couple handfuls of popcorn, fruit snacks and a bag of reeces cost you 40 bones? 

and sushi after racks up another $50?

and then you start to believe you are actually bleeding receipt paper?

it's stressing me out, man.  it's overwhelming.  all the black friday this, the deals that.
it makes me feel blechy. 

i am not the budgeteer of our family.  vacuuming, mowing and bill-paying are tony's departments.  (we are still trying to figure out exactly what my department it).  but all this spending, spending, spending is starting to weigh on me. 

but there were two moments that night that seemed worth the high price tag:::

during the rise of the guardians, i looked over at nadia and realized just how old she is getting.  she had her legs crossed at the knee and her hands clasped in her lap.  her sweet head was tilted slightly, obviously engrossed in the story.  without looking at me, she reached over and squeezed my hand.

how could i not melt at that?

for the second moment we need to revisit a little history... nani is known to state the obvious, thus captain obvious, or coco, became a loving little nickname.  she is also known as muffin-butt, nani-b, sweet nani, poppy, but i digress...
aidan said 'here's our car' as we were climbing in.  without missing a beat nadia said, "well heeellllooo coco!"

would you believe aidan laughed the hardest?


Bella Mente said...

awww :) love this picture of Nadia and Margo... precious!

I totally hear you about the dollar signs these days and the bleeding receipts- SO RIGHT THERE.. I have a plastic bag FULL of them... tis scary... but I need to also think about how much all of it is worth to make our house a home and well, just being a grown-up! AHHH! enough with it! :)

Hope Nadia is feeling better and you guys are enjoying a nice weekend! :)

Melanie said...

Oh Lexie! You're just getting started!! It's fun though. Enjoy it and don't stress.