Monday, December 3, 2012

what i want for my children

i read this article, that i got from here, had me reflecting all over the place. messily reflecting too. like a few snot-sobs and heart-clenches because if i had to pick just one thing, it would be that my children grow up to ?????
but what?
what do i really want for them? 

i used to say i didn't want my kids to grow up to be jerks.  ok, really what i did was beg the powers that be to please not let my children grow up to be a-holes someday.
then i started hearing all the mumbo jumbo (that i really do buy into) about sending positive energy out into the world.  no more putting those negatives out there to percolate and make something of their not-so-positive selves. 

so here it is. in working document form-
i positively want my kids to::: 

:::accept responsibility for their impact on this world. 
there are a lot of opportunities to screw things up in this life.  to that end, i want them to know how to ask for forgiveness, give forgiveness and make amends.

:::speak up for those that don't have a voice. 
animals and people alike.  they should expect kindness and i hope they strive to treat all beings with empathy and understanding.  walk a mile in another's shoes.

:::lend a hand.
whenever they can, help.  without asking, without expecting a return.  small things, big things, all of it shows love.  i want them to know that every time they help someone, they are freeing that person from a burden, if even a small one, if even just holding a door while offering a smile or if even just picking up spilled papers.  sometimes it means giving that person the motivation to keep going.  sometimes it is giving themselves the motivation to keep going.

:::always be on a quest to learn. 
actively learn.  about themselves, about others, about the world, about learning, and learn about silly things and science things, and artistic things and philosophical things.  i want them to feel full filled in their brains.  i want them to know that if they are open to learning then they are open to making this world a better place.  lofty, i know.  but if not them, then who? 

:::feel loved.
that simple. 

so that's it.  for now. 
i hope to revisit this one, add on if i see the need.  i hope to see what wishes tony wants for these two.  won't it be wonderful if putting my wants out there works?  i feel like it might. 

put it out there.
revisit it to make sure i am nurturing these things.
have children who make a difference in their own world.

seems plausible.
i hope. i hope. i hope. 

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PRP said...

I LURVE this for so many magnificent Melanie reasons. It's perfection. As are you. And your kids.

Lurve it.