Monday, November 5, 2012

a vote for aidan...updated

is a vote to be informed.

that sounds about right.  he is usually at the ready with information. 
he wasn't nervous before.  in fact, he kept yawning while he was sitting in his little row of candidates.  i was shaking like a crazy caffeine addict.  after though, he told me he felt like he had just experienced acid rain!

i would say something like 'fingers crossed that he wins asb secretary', but really, i am already so proud of him that winning is a small thing. 
i mean look at him!

and the winner is...


Trevor and Sara said...

Love that boy with all my being. So so so so so proud of him!

Tracy said...

Going to be the best Secretary Maya Angelou has had yet! I am sure of that. He is such a good kid. You should be very proud!!

Bella Mente said...

WUhoooo!! Way to go , Aidan! Today, ASB secretary at Maya- tomorrow, Zoo/Hotel Developer in foreign countries! Whether he still wants to be that or not- Aidan's dedication and drive for his goals and dreams is admirable! I am so excited to see what is to come for this guy! :)