Tuesday, November 20, 2012

about me

i scrutinized that list to the right with my head cocked to the side all studious like. i over analyzed it like i am want to do. i should probably update it because that me was so 2007.  after 5 years of compiling this stuff, surely i should need to cross a few things off....

but it is all still me. i wouldn't delete even one little thing, but i might consider a few tweaks.

i am still learning to bake. that's a nice, long learning curve people.
i am still a systems developer. my silverware sorting system still reigns supreme.
i am still mourning the loss of the great arrested development.

i might add 'dabbling runner', because sometimes that is what i call myself. i can't say i am a full fledged runner because i haven't been committed to it for an entire year. and a year is my own arbitrary criteria. so at this point, i dabble.

i might add crochet-er in place of craft-er because my only crafts lately are scarves, scarves and more scarves.

i might change mother to mother of aidan and mother of nadia because those two jobs are entirely different.

and i am still a hopeless tony devotee. 


Lorena Hernandez said...

Started a blogger and I don't know what I'm doing! But I have such a horrible long term memory I thought I'd try one. I can't forget those unforgettable moments with my little girl, husband, family and friends. By the way...nice getaway today! You left a trail of shoe rubber smoke ;)


Melanie said...

I did too! I stopped by Sara's room and got stuck in traffic after all. Yea for your blog! It means I get to see more pictures of your sweet Shaila!

Bella Mente said...

you could also add... inspire-er of a younger generation :) Yeah, I think that is a pretty important one!