Wednesday, September 5, 2012

plum tuckered

this new schedule it taken some getting used to. 
for me for sure.
for her, most definitely.

she spilled some big 'ol cleansing tears this morning.  all because i asked her to clean her fingernails. 

let's talk about fingernails for a moment.  i still wince at the thought of mine being cut.  my mom told me at a young age that i had pretty hands and from then on i cherished my long nails.  as the youngest, nails were a great way to get back at my biting sister or my brother who sat on my head more than once and let it rip...until my brother lured me to the neighbors out of earshot of my parents and cut them all off.  don't you worry your pretty little head about my nails though.  i grew them back with a vengeance and in my teen years convinced my dad that doing the dishes would ruin them.  somehow i managed to get out of dishes from the age of 14 until about 22.  nails can mean a lot to a girl.

back to my tired little girl.

while cleaning her nails, tears rolling down her sweet little cheeks the whole time, she confessed that she was really upset because her hands are just so pink.  "why mom, why do they have to be so pink? no one else has fingers this pink?  NO ONE!!!!!! it just isn't fair.  pink mom!  PINK!!!"

poor little thing.  its a good thing she is easy to console.  some hugs and loves and a little hand washing and she was good as new. 
it stinks being so plum tuckered that nothing becomes everything and so little sets you into a tailspin.  so we took the night off.  lazed around and i pretty much let her call the shots.  i didn't even complain when she wanted to give me a spa, painting my nails and everything. 

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