Thursday, September 13, 2012

all better

i sulked a little yesterday.  ok, a lot.  stupid hormones i am sure. i watched trashy tv.  sanded the trim around the backdoor and repainted it.  got a neck rub from nadia and lots and lots of sympathy from tony and aidan let me pull a tooth.  friends reached out with kind words.  family called to make me smile.

and poof. 

funky-funky-not-so-fresh mood was gone.

and i didn't even resort to brownie-ice cream-goodness. 

i just waited for the squirrels to come rescue me from my bad mood.

and i came to the realization that i just a little nuts.


PRP said...

Hooray! Nothing a squirrel can't fix.

Anonymous said...

You know what Dad always says...Mel their coming for ya!