Wednesday, September 19, 2012

even with my brightside

you know that kelly clarkson song, even with my dark side?  i have been feeling that creep in and out, in and out, in and out of my days lately. 

tony has had atypical meetings last week and this week.  they could have -and did at first- put him in a gnarly mood.  then he decided to just learn something, anything, from the experience.
just like that. 
he changed his outlook and wha-bam ---better mood, giggly husband, playful dad.
so this morning when i drove away from home thinking about how much i'd rather be there than anywhere else, i decided to take a page from tony's book. 

i thought about how lovely it was that nadia made me a special snack last night.
and about the dance she put on.
and about the lecture on the importance of taking school seriously.
and about our special girl time when tony and aidan go to scouts.

and i thought about how thankful i was that i decided to play battleship with aidan while i cooked dinner.
i so badly wanted to tell him i was too busy.  i wanted to explain that i was tired from working all day and still had a list of stuff to do around the house.  and i might have too, but i couldn't say no to that face.  he kicked my booty too.  even that was worth it. 

and i saw this in my rear view mirror and decided to learn something today. 
i watched as car after car past with grumpypuss faces, their darksides showing.
maybe my learnin' for today is to let my brightside outshine the dark? 


PRP said...

Your good side always outshines the dark.

Sorry you've been caught up in the bleh's of life lately. I've felt it sneaking in too. Thanks for the reminder.

Bella Mente said...

I am in love with Kelly... and seeing her basically front row at her concert was amazing and I will never forget it.. but that is beside the point. I needed to read this :)... with some issues going on, I really need to bring my brightside back out that I had held onto for so long...but others' darkness is slowly bringing my very own out. People suck and their darkness has nooo business in my world. I need to get back to bringing out my brightside and leave those others and my own dark passenger in just that, the dark. Thank you :)

Tracy said...

Such a good outlook on life. I really need more Melanie time. you help make me a better me!! :)