Thursday, September 20, 2012

made my ever loving day

i was running,
and running,
and trying hard to run the nerves out of me,
and not running very far or very fast or even uphill, but man was i struggling.
struggling and feeling scatterbrained.

outta nowhere this guy drives by, rolls down his window and gives me a simple thumbs up. 

i take the 'share the road' relationship with motorists, walkers, cyclists, the occasional teeth-barred dog, very seriously.  when a car slows just a titch and scoots close to the middle, i give them a smile and little wave.  if a car crosses the yellow line to give me a wide berth, i smile ear to ear and give them the biggest wave i can manage.  when i'm doing the what-side-you-gonna-pass-on tango with a cyclists, you better believe i'm happy to jump off the path if i can just so they can avoid tackweeds.  the occasional motorist who yells encouragement out the window (i choose to believe it is all positive) might even get a giggle. 

but this guy, i wish i could have gotten a picture of his red truck with a wheel chair slung in the back and his thumbs up out the window.

like i said, he made my ever loving day.  i hope he knows it.

1 comment:

PRP said...


Good people exist, everywhere and they beat the bad people every single time.

I think it's an omen for a great race this weekend.