Monday, September 24, 2012

never say never :: the running edition

never would i have thought that i would run a half marathon.
like, never-never.
here is my running history in 50 words...
i "ran" track.  big quotes on the run. i socialized and ran whatever race didn't have a body to fill it.  i didn't like it and it didn't like me. i ran for a brief 6 weeks while pregnant with aidan. my timing sucks. in 2008 i ran 2 blocks.

and then my nani b started girls on the run. annnnnnd then my friend karen said, 'hey, i know what will be fun! let's run a half marathon in september'.  annnnnnd then my friend lindsay said, 'i'll run bright and early in the morning even!'  annnnnnnd then there was jenn and jen getting their run on and encouraging me, probably without even realizing it.

and that is how my never turned into a what did i get myself into. 

i almost didn't sign up.  i had a million reasons not to.  but all of these amazing women kept saying i was capable.  my 11th hour coach sara basically said if i didn't register she would register me herself, and then she said she would make her husband run with me. (i let him off the hook) and of course there was tony telling me i was ready and he is really smart so it is hard not to buy into what he's saying.  i sorta started believing them all.

and that is how i went from what did i get myself into holy hellsbells i'm standing at the starting line with a dang chip strapped to my ankle and my knees shaking so hard i look like i am running in place without leaving the ground. 

but i did it. 


PRP said...

You're my hero, for reals.

So stinking proud of you.

Bella Mente said...

Wuhooooo!!! Congratulations- such an inspiration on trying new things (or things we might not necessarily love) and working hard!:) Next stop... marathon?

Monique said... are my super hero! Words can't express how much I miss you every single day. I love you to the moon!

::lindsay said...

I was seriously so proud of you! Your amazing! I want to be Mel when I grow up!

Melanie said...

Thanks Lindsay!! I was so happy when I saw your face. You are the sweetest!

Melanie said...

Thank you Karen! I would still be the same old me if you hadn't brought gotr to Nadia!!

Melanie said...

No marathon for me! I'd run a 10k with you though Lexie!!

Melanie said...

I miss you too!!! How can we get together Monique??

Tracy said...

Total inspiration!! We all need to be more like Melanie. :)