Wednesday, June 20, 2012

baseball lessons

these two crack me up.  aidan with his pants all hiked up and his tight lipped smile.  nadia with her grin so cheesy it squeezes her eyes closed.  and playing baseball together, forget about it.
too stinking cute.

aidan loved day one of the cougar baseball camp, but a migraine on day two kept him home with me.  i want to punch migraines in the face, hard, with brass knuckles. 

nadia was the only girl in a sea of 9-14 year old ballplayers.  she worked twice as hard and even hit a home run grounder.

i wanted to pick the coach up and put him in my pocket and bring him right home with me.  at the end of the day his focus was on the importance of being responsible for yourself and your things and how that will make you a better ballplayer.  he preached the importance of being competitive, but not to beat others; competitive to make yourself better.  he reminded the kids to be unselfish on the field and at home and most of all to thank their parents. 

i guess that means we are stuck with this baseball thing for a while.  -sigh-

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Anonymous said...

I love that they love baseball and I love that Aidan proudly wears his Red Sox hat!