Tuesday, June 5, 2012

happy birthday to my baby

she wrote us this letter...

my family
what does a tall man, one short woman and one boy have in common?  all of them are in my family.
my dad is a tall but wonderful man.  he works a lot but he can also play, but not loud.  he sits in a quiet, shallow and gloomy room all by himself and all day.  [here is where she drew a stick figure of him crying over his keyboard].  he will always love me!
my mom is a short but very wonderful woman.  she works hard, goes on long trips and comes back wanting to love her family.  she knows how to play! she will always love me!
my brother is very very smart and knows how to play. in all sorts of ways! wow do i love him! and he loves me!
and that's my amazing, wonderful, talented family!

and that's my nadia.
she finds the good in all of those around her.  nine years ago she slipped into this world all gooey and full of giggles and goodness to complete our family.  she inspires us all to find the happy in the day and when in doubt, dance. 

happy birthday nadia my love. 
love every minute of nine while we love every minute with you.


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday to one of the sweetests, funniest, lovliest, kids I know! I am so super lucky!!

PRP said...

Being with Nadia is like being in a chocolate-covered rainbow all day long...you can't help but be happy and that's one of the very best things I can think of for someone to do. She's mastered it at 9. How lucky are we.